Deviation...anything but normal
Hello there, you can call me Marla..... and I am the Deviant Lady.
I'm a mature woman that knows what she wants, when she wants it and how she wants it.
I have never liked "normal" things in life. From clothing to sex, things just have to be different... or I will become rather bored.
I have an obsession for several fetishes including; nylons, pantyhose, smoking, lingerie... and dominating sissy's.
This website is an outlet which allows me to share with you my deepest, darkest fantasies. Twice per week I will add new photos and/or video to keep both of us satisfied.


Uploaded: 1 September

Finally, I went under the bridge by the river to do photos and a video. I had been dying to take photos there, especially since I'm a huge graffiti lover. Wearing my black fishnet pantyhose (per request) and tye dyed dress I fooled around on the rocks under the bridge, just as I imagined it would be like. Although, I wasn't imagining having to be distracted by people frequently, but still it was worth it. The thrill of being caught in public rules over all.



Uploaded: 29 August

Feeling super horny in this pair of espresso rht's, I decided to have myself a good bit of masturbation time. I got comfy on my bed reading a book, but got overwhelmed with the feeling to satisfy myself, and so I started in teasing you and me with my panties pulled tight up my wet cunt. Before long I was rubbing my clit to orgasm. I said fuck the book.


9:09 mins


Uploaded: 22 August

I stumbled upon this plum pair of pantyhose from Victoria Secrets last night while cleaning out a lingerie drawer. I can't believe how fucking old they are, about 20+ years and still in amazing condition. Anyway, I put on the perfect dress to match and a pretty pinkish pair of heels with bows. I felt so damn sexy in this outfit that before long my pussy was dripping with juices. I could only think of being fondled and fucked by you, my fans and members. Knowing that you're watching me makes my juices flow even faster.



Uploaded: 18 August

I am wearing an elegantly tight silver metallic gown, given to me by a dear fan and member. Finally, I am wearing it along with a pair of black full-fashioned stockings and silver sequin high heels. I am showing off my new blue rose ankle tattoo that replaces the old faded butterfly. And so, you should just love this display of me enjoying my stocking-clad legs and red toenailed feet. The video is full of tease and pretty much an extension of the photos. Enjoy!


9:09 mins


Uploaded: 11 August

Here is a very special photo set of me flipping you off, some with one finger and some with both. Covering my ass today is a fine black velvet pencil skirt with ruffle trim, a pair of black floral motif pantyhose, a pair of black patent leather studded 5"heels, a see-thru tight ass white ruffled blouse, the very special gift (black lace corset), with bra and black lace thong. Damn, it takes me awhile to remove all of this attire while taking notes at my office desk. I'm such a horny secretary knowing you're drooling over my ass and trimmed cunt.



Uploaded: 8 August

These psychedelic leopard pantyhose arrived in the mail today with a request to wear a black angora sweater. Of course, I said yes, since I love doing fan requests. And so, thank you Steve for supplying the hose, and I hope you enjoy the tantalizing tease show.



Uploaded: 4 August

Today was no nylon day for a fan, and so I put on my new fleece shorts, lightning tee, and warm peace socks. I thought I'd relax to a good book and get sexy for ya! The video I made to go with this of me cumming twenty times while I double-stuff my puss cums out next, so please do cum back. Oh, and I have some puss hair here.


7:13 mins


Uploaded: 28 July

I decided to wear a pair of awesome black fishnet pantyhose, black bra, and studded black heels. To start this set, I put on some heavy eyeliner in the bathroom mirror, letting you watch me. Next, I bedazzle you with my curvy body right down to my pussy!



Uploaded: 25 July

I knew once I opened this new pair of non-stretch, sheer black, 15 denier stockings that I wouldn't be able to resist having myself some sexy horny fun, and horny I was. My pussy got so wet that I just had to have some cum and it was so hard to decide where I wanted it. Finally I decide I want a hot cream pie. Just think, this load of cum could be yours!


14:08 mins


Uploaded: 18 July

I had been thinking about using this toy on myself ever since I first fucked a dear sub with it. Wearing a leopard print baby doll, a pair of black cheetah print pantyhose, and a pair of strappy black/leopard heels I find a spot on my new satin sheets to test drive the fist. I ripped a hole in my pantyhose and went to town. Damn, I wish I had tried this fattie fist sooner as I had myself a nice long set of multiple cums whilst pounding my pussy deep. You'll see and hear in the video just how sloppy wet I got.


13:16 mins